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Signs of confident men and women


Qualities of a confident man

1.Apologizes when wrong

2.Expresses what he feel

3. Honors his words and commitments

4.Never steps on others to climb

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How to be an Alpha Male


All about being a gentleman, alpha-man, beta-man, macho-man And all about the paradox between female desire, craving, wanting and what they actually need in a man - the enigma of female mystery.

In actuality the Gentleman, the Macho-man, the Beta-man & The Alpha-man are all one & the same – Unless you are stuck die-hard to what the popular perception defines.

We would be covering the qualities, tendencies, attitudes, actions of a Real-Complete-MAN, who creates the balance of the masculine & feminine qualities, to play all the different family, professional & social roles in his life most effectively. AND Understanding the female psychology to understand why the type they choose, fall for & the types they discard

 Please understand the following basics about male & female relationships

1.   The rules of attraction and dating have NOT changed. They are still the same as beforeWomen are still attracted to the same things they were attracted to before. And men are still attracted to the same things they were attracted to beforeThe attraction triggers are still the same as before

But we have forgotten them because of the following reasons

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How to make great 1st Impressions


How to Impress & Sustain 1st Impressions.

Whether it's for a promising job interview, first date, or first chance meeting, making a good impression bodes well for just about every situation.

A good impression can mean a huge difference in the way & a great impression can open doors you might not have imagined existed.

How many of us need to impress people to land a fantastic job, get bonded with ideal Girl/Boy romantically & connect with powerful people to succeed in all aspects of life. If not all at least most of us want these, Right?

Now how many of you have had the experiences similar to the 3 scenarios given below.

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Relationship Intelligence


Intelligence types and its impact on relationships & human life as a Whole

This article is far-far beyond the scope of IQ & EQ.

Here we are considering all those intelligences that have the most profound influence in our almost all the important aspects of life.

The difference between intelligence & intellect

An intellectual is the one who is book-wise, theoretical, impractical & conceptually solid.

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Relationship Patterns


Problematic patterns in relationships - Types of Dysfunctional People Personality, Couples & Relationship Types

There are many problematic patterns that creates relationship issues.We will first see the few behaviors/personalities who makes others mad, miserable & anguished and who manage to kill the relationships on their own

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